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1. What is DTH Service?
The Direct-To-Home (DTH) service is a digital satellite service that provides television services direct to subscribers anywhere in the country. Since it makes use of wireless technology, programs are sent to the subscriber's television direct from the satellite, eliminating the need for cables and any cable infrastructure. This is particularly valuable in remote and difficult to reach areas where cable and in many cases, terrestrial television services are poor or non existent.
DTH services also provide the finest of picture and sound quality which is considered to be second to none worldwide. Now surround sound, home theaters, live concerts and daily television programming are all delivered to your home with the same quality as any modern movie theater.
2. What are the advantages of DTH over cable?
Superior Digital Clarity
Quality stereo sound
Nationwide Coverage, with installation and service activated in days.
Dynamic Program Packages to choose from. You only pay for what you want to watch. It is not an all or nothing proposition like most cable are
Premium Channels, your choice, selectable anytime by a simple call to our Customer Service Center
Advanced Viewing Control Features like the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which provides you with the current and next program on all channels, Parental Lock which safeguards your children’s viewing options, and Pre-booked Pay-Per-View and Impulse Pay-Per-View - Watch that boxing or golf match, horse racing or Olympic events you have been waiting to see - in the comfort of your own home.
3. How do I pay for the Dream Service?
You can pay via your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card through an Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA), via Dream Prepaid Card, or via E-pins.
4. Who does the installation?
Our dealers have trained and accredited installers to do the installation. Your dealer will schedule installation 1 to 2 days after your purchase of the Dream IRD. Schedules may vary depending on your location / service area.
5. Is self-installation allowed?
Yes, although we do not recommend self-installation. Note that your warranty may be voided if the hardware is damaged.
6. How is the DTH service activated?
The service is activated 2 - 4 hours after installation. The Dream Call Center Customer Service Assistants perform the activation as soon as they receive a completed Subscriber Application form. Activation may be even faster provided all requirements are met.
7. I live in a condominium, may I apply for the Dream service too?
Yes, however, your home will have to be visited and surveyed by the installation team and our sales team prior to installation of the Dream service. Different buildings have different solutions. Also, you may have to coordinate with your condominium association to get permission to install a dish antenna.
8. Do you have a TV guide for Dream Satellite TV Program Schedules?
The decoder box has an electronic program guide (EPG) which provides information on the current and upcoming programs for all Dream channels, 24 hours a day.
9. How many TV sets may I connect to the dish?
You may have as many as four (4) TV sets connected to the dish. However, if you wish to do this, you will have to advise the dealer in advance so you may be given the dish configured for such service. Also, you will have to purchase additional IRDs for your additional televisions.
10. Do I need a phone line connection to get the Dream service?
No, but ideally it would be more useful for you to be able to make use of upcoming interactive services in the near future like impulse-pay-per-view (IPPV), TV commerce, etc.
11. Who will provide the cables for my phone line to be connected?
The installer may provide the cables and connect your phone line to the Dream system for a nominal additional fee.
12. May I have DTH and cable service at the same time?
Yes. You have option as to how you want to connect to cable or DTH. First you may decide to disconnect the cable connected to your TV and connect the DTH; or, you may wish to have a switch connected to the cable connection and the DTH connection as well. This way, all you need to do is use the switch to select the service you wish to watch.
13. Should I turn my IRD decoder off when not in use?
Yes. However, if your decoder box is not plugged for 5 days or more, you may have to call the DREAM call center to re-initialize your box or to reload your access rights. Preferably, leave it on stand-by mode (plugged in with the power off) when not in use.
14. How will customers be notified of the result of their application?
The dealer is required to contact the customers regarding status of their application by contacting them through their landline. Once application is approved, dealers are to schedule the installation of Dream satellite TV system.
15. What do customers have to do to maintain access to the Dream service after the first month?
The customer is REQUIRED to pay his monthly service fee for 12 continuous months to guarantee access to the channels under his plan.
16. What happens if a customer fails to pay his monthly subscription commitments?
For the first seven (7) days after the Dream subscription expires, and customer is not able to load or renew payment, they will be limited to view the six (6) local TV channels. On the 8th day, they will lose access to all channels and their TV screens go blank. Reconnection to the service shall be done after customer settles the subscription fees for the past due months plus that of your current month.
17. What if I had to pre-terminate my subscription?
Should you decide to pre-terminate your subscription within the 12-months, you will be required to pay a pre-termination fee of Php5000.00.
18. How do I cancel my subscription?
A written request is sent directly to the DREAM Call Center via fax at (02) 744-0722.
19. What is "DreamCard"?
DreamCard is the pre-paid card for the pre-paid Dream subscriber. It allows Dream subscribers to pay their subscriber fees, make Pay-Per-View purchases and in the future, avail of other Dream Broadcasting System services.
20. What are the advantages of using "DreamCard"?
If a Dream subscriber is under the pre-paid system, all he has to do is buy DreamCards to load into his account. Using the DreamCard takes away the hassle of getting monthly bills or looking for payment centers.
21. Where can we buy the "DreamCard"?
A Dream subscriber may buy a DreamCard from authorized dealers nationwide. These dealers may be found in malls, and other retail establishments.
22. How is it used?
The DreamCard is used to load peso values into a Dream subscriber account.
There are three (3) easy steps in loading:
Gently scratch-off the ink cover to reveal your PIN.
Retrieve your unique Serial Number through your DREAM set-up
box. Using the remote control, click the menu button and select
"Conditional Access". Your Serial Number will then flash on
your TV screen. This information will be required when making a call to
the DREAM Call Center.
Call the DREAM Call Center at 13161000160 and a customer Service
Assistant will answer and guide you through the procedure.
23. What happens to the value of the DreamCard I load into my Dream subscriber account?
Value shall be deducted on a daily basis for subscription, for pay per view and other purchases. There are corresponding daily rates for each package.
24. How many times may I use a "DreamCard"?
The value of a "DreamCard" may only be loaded once into a Dream subscriber account. Hence, after loading, the card may be disposed of.
Furthermore, transferring values of DreamCard from one subscriber account to another is not allowed.
25. What denominations or values of the DreamCard are available?
The denominations that are available now are P 100, P 190, P 390, P 690 and P 890.

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