Dream Satellite TV Installation in Beijing , China

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Global Satellite TV Channels [ Promote this link! ]

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Install 60cm dish antenna to pick up global satellite signal in Beijing and Shanghai . you can get below tv channels.

001 GNN

003 CNN Philippines
004 PTV 4
005 TV5
006 News TV
007 GMA 7
008 Studio 23
009 Net 25
010 Global Theater 1
011 Global Theater 2
012 Global Theater 3
013 Global Theater 4
014 Global Theater 5
015 Global Theater 6
016 Golbal Theater 7
017 Discovery Science
018 Animal Planet
019 Nick Junior
020 Animax
021 Aljazeera
022 Fox News
023 Pinoy Extreme
024 Channel V-SLBN
025 AM Radio DZMM
026 AM Radio-DZMN
027 AM Radio-DWIZ
028 AM Radio DZRER8
029 FM Love Radio
030 FM Natural
031 FM Radio IFM
032 GSat Jazz
033 GSat Rock
034 GSat Pop
035 BTV
036 Russia Today
037 Boomerang
038 Global Theater 8
039 Global Theater 9
040 Global Theater 10
041 CNN International
042 Channel News Asia
043 Bloomberg
044 France 24
045 NGC
046 History
047 INC
048 Hope Channel
049 Sony Channel
050 Lifetime
051 Warner TV
052 AXN
053 Star World
054 ETC
055 Fox Sports 1
056 Fox Sports 2
057 Solar Sports
058 Nickelodeon
059 Cartoon Network
060 Jack TV
061 TTV
062 FTV
063 ERA News
064 TVBS
065 CTI
066 Global Theater 11
067 Global Theater 12
068 Global Theater 13
069 Hunan TV
070 CCTV 4
071 Phoenix TV
072 Discovery HD
073 NG Wild HD
074 Fox Sports 1 HD
075 Fox Sports 3 HD
076 Fight Sports HD
077 Golf HD
078 Sundance HD
079 HBO HD
080 Fox Premium HD
081 Fox Action HD
082 Sports Illustrated HD
083 Fox Family HD
084 Outdoor HD
085 Sports Illustrated 2 HD
086 CTV 1
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ABS-CBN is a major commercial television network in the Philippines. It is the oldest and the leading television network in the country with an advertising revenue of ₱19 billion for the fiscal year 2012. It is a unit of the media conglomerate ABS-CBN Corporation. It was launched on 23 October 1953 under the name Alto Broadcasting System, and is among the first commercial television networks in Asia. Its headquarters are in Quezon City with regional offices and news bureaus in over 25 provincial areas throughout the country.
The flagship television station of ABS-CBN in Metro Manila is DWWX-TV (VHF channel 2) while provincially, the network operates through its Regional Network Group of 25 originating stations, 38[8] relay stations and 8 affiliate television stations. Its programming is also available outside the Philippines as The Filipino Channel.
History of ABS CBN
1946-1956: The beginning
ABS-CBN traces its history to the first Philippine television station DZAQ-TV, owned by Bolinao Electronics Corporation which was later renamed Alto Broadcasting System.
James Lindenberg, owner of BEC, was the first to apply for a license to the Philippine Congress to establish a television station in 1949. His request was granted on 14 June 1950. Because of the strict import controls and the lack of raw materials needed to open a TV station in the Philippines during the mid-20th century, Lindenberg branched to radio broadcasting instead.
Judge Antonio Quirino, brother of former President Elpidio Quirino, also tried to apply for a license to Congress, but was denied. He later purchased stocks from BEC and subsequently gained the controlling stock to rename the company from BEC to Alto Broadcasting System (ABS).
DZAQ-TV began commercial television operations on 23 October 1953; the first fully licensed commercial television station in the Philippines. The first program to air was a garden party at the Quirino residence in Sitio Alto, San Juan. After the premiere telecast, the station followed a four-hour a day schedule, from six to ten in the evening.
1956-1967: Establishment of CBN and merger[
In 1955, Manila Chronicle owner Eugenio Lopez, Sr. and former Vice President Fernando Lopez, acquired a radio-TV franchise from the Congress and immediately established Chronicle Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1956. On 24 February 1957 Lopez invited Judge Quirino to his house for breakfast and ABS was bought under a contract written on a table napkin. The corporate name was re