Dream Satellite TV Installation in Beijing , China

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How to install dream satellite tv ? [ Promote this link! ]

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1.Look for an open space
No obstruction such as trees, building or any structures, etc.
2.Antenna Dish Direction
2.1. Using a compass, adjust the dish facing approximately 120 degrees South East (see diagram below).
2.2. Tilt the satellite dish upward at an angle of 60 degrees as indicated on the side of the mounting bracket (see picture below).
3.ODU Assembly
Step 1. Insert LNB Arm to the satellite dish.
Step 2. Secure the mounting base either to the wall or floor.
Wall Mount
Floor Mount
Step 3. Insert the assembled dish and LNB arm into the mounting base.
Wall Mount
Floor Mount
Step 4. Connect the coaxial cable (RG6) to the LNB.
Wall Mount
Floor Mount
4.Antenna Dish Alignment
4.1. a. Connect the IRD, ODU and Television set based on diagram below.
Basic Connection
Digit-All World (DAW)
Note: You may temporarily connect the IRD and TV near the dish for alignment purposes only so you will see the signal while aligning the dish. Power extension cable is required.
4.1. b. Double check connection of RG6 (RF) and RCA (Audio/Video) cable based on the diagram below.
4.2. Switch - on both the TV and IRD
4.3. Set the TV to Video (1,2, or 3)
4.4. Set the IRD to Installation/Configuration mode using Remote Control
Setting up the IRD / Set-top box (DAW)

4.4.1. Turn on the TV and the IRD

a. For the first time installation press "OK"
b. This will appear after Step 1.
Choose "None" then press OK.

4.4.2. NOTE: After setting the IRD, you will see the signal strength and signal (video) quality indicator bars. The bars will decrease or increase upon adjusting the antenna dish sideward and/or upward.


4.5. Maximize the signal strenght and signal (video) quality by aligning the direction of the dish.

NOTE: Before aligning the dish loosen lightly the nuts behind holding the dish.

4.5.1. Slowly turn the satellite dish from left to right and vice-versa until you determine the highest signal strength and quality possible (tighten the bolts for the sideward movement of the dish).

  • Tighten lightly the nuts holding the sideward direction

4.5.2. Slowly tilt the satellite dish up or down and again determine if the signal strength and quality can still be improved (tighten the bolts for the upward/downward movement of the dish).

NOTE: 70-90 percent signal strength and quality is sufficient for a good quality of audio and video.

Installation Standards
1. RG6 cable should not be bended more than 90°.
2. Avoid creating a knot on the RG6 cable.
3. Avoid placing the RG6 cable within the door or window panel.
4. RG6 cable should be secured to the wall/ceiling.
5. RG6 cable should be secured to the LNB arm with an electrical tape or tie wrap.
6. ODU should be secured with expansion bolts (for concrete) or wood screw.
7. Nails and G.I. Wires should not be used to secure the base of the ODU.
8. LNB should always be between the 7-8 o’clock position.

5.Channel Search
Using the remote control of IRD, do the Channel Search and Save the Channels.
a. Press the RED button to start the AUTOMATIC SEARCH.
b. After the Channel Search, the list of channels will be shown.
c. Press OK to save the Searched Channels.


Test by viewing and changing programs / channels.

Use magic Report

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